Trouble with Clogged Drains


A clogged drain in your kitchen or bathroom can be a serious issue. A clog in your drain can cause leaks, unpleasant smells or residue, and great inconveniences for you and your family. If you do suspect that you have a clogged drain, follow our quick steps to help the problem.


Check For Immediate Blockages

While a clogged drain can be an indicator of a greater issue, many times the clog can be quickly cleared. Before beginning, check under the bathroom or kitchen sink to make sure your clogged drain is not causing any of the relevant pipes to leak. If there is a significant leak, call a licensed plumber to examine the leak as soon as possible.

After you have checked for leaks, you should examine the drain for any immediate blockages. Certain items like hair or food particles are common culprits of a clogged drain. If you see an excess of these items near the opening of your drain, try removing them and testing the drain again before moving to other solutions.


Use A Drain Treatment

If there are no immediate items causing issues with your drain, then your clog is more severe. A clogged drain like this can be caused by an extensive amount of hair or food in the drain or a severe build up of fat, oil, grease, or soap scum that blocks the flow of water. For these cases, a drain treatment like Drano can help remove these deposits and blockages. Agents like Drano use a combination of water, bleach, and toxic chemicals to break down the deposits.

If you and your family would like to avoid pouring harmful chemicals down your drain, we recommend a more natural product like BioSmart. Comprised of naturally occurring strains of live, vegetative bacterial cultures, BioSmart immediately starts clearing away clogs without resorting to toxic chemicals.


Have Your Pipes Professionally Cleaned

A Pipe Rejuvenation allows for your pipes to be professionally cleaned and cleared. Rather than treating just the clogged drain, Pipe Rejuvenations target all of the pipes in your home to prevent any clogs from happening. Pipe Rejuvenations use high-pressure blasts of water to clear out dirt, sludge, debris, and other common problems in your pipes.


Have Your Plumbing System Checked

Preventative maintenance is by far the best and easiest way to prevent serious clogs or other plumbing problems. You should have your plumbing checked by a professionally licensed plumber at least once a year. These checks can clear out blockages and ensure that critical build ups aren’t accruing in your pipes over time.


For more information on preventative plumbing maintenance or for immediate assistance with a clogged drain, call our professional H20 Maestro Plumbers at 859-361-7925.