Spring Plumbing Checklist


Your spring cleaning shouldn’t just include dusting and washing. Regular cleaning and maintenance is a crucial part of your home’s plumbing health. Don’t forget to check off these easy plumbing tasks on your spring cleaning checklist.



✓ Check For Immediate Leaks

While major leaks may be easy to catch, minor leaks in your home’s plumbing can cause serious damage over time. The additional water waste can also create a spike in your family’s water bill. Take some time to check the areas of your home’s plumbing that stay out of your day-to-day eyesight. Areas like under the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, under and around your water heater, and your outdoor faucets. If you notice any leaks or damage, be sure to call a licensed plumber to repair the issue. A professional system check of your home’s plumbing can also help check for leaks in these areas and others.


For true protection from leaks, you and your family should consider investing in a leak detector. These devices can be connected to water heaters, washing machines, pipes and other appliances to instantly monitor for leaks and frozen pipes. With smartphone capabilities, leak detectors can notify you of a problem before you even notice it.



✓ Flush Your Water Heater

Over time, sediment and minerals accumulate in your water heater. This build up usually occurs at the bottom of the tank and over time will cause corrosion of the tank. These mineral deposits will also greatly impede the heating of your home’s water. With these blockages the heater has to work harder and longer to heat the same amount of water, resulting in a higher energy bill.


By flushing your water heater, a licensed plumber can alleviate these problems. In this process, your plumber will drain the water tank and then clear out all of the sediments and minerals that have accumulated. Your plumber will then completely clean the surface and the tank before refilling it. A professional flush of your water heater once a year will keep it performing regularly and operating efficiently.


✓ Clean And Treat Your Pipes

With drains that are slightly clogged or slow to drain, invest in a drain treatment to treat the issue. A drain treatment, like Drano, uses a combination of water, bleach, and toxic chemicals to actively remove common blockages like fat, oil, grease, and soap scum from your pipes. For a more natural solution, we recommend products like BioSmart. BioSmart immediately starts clearing away clogs, by using only naturally occurring strains of live, vegetative bacterial cultures.


For a deeper clean, have your pipes professionally cleaned. A Pipe Rejuvenation doesn’t just treat a pesky clog, but targets all of the pipes in your home to prevent any clogs from happening. This process uses high-pressure blasts of water to clear out sludge, dirt, debris, and other common problems in your pipes.


✓ Schedule A System Check For Your Plumbing

Regular checks of your home’s plumbing are an easy and important part of its overall maintenance. A full check of your home’s plumbing can prevent any serious repairs or damages and confirm that your plumbing is ready for the coming season. You should have your plumbing thoroughly checked by a licensed plumber at least once a year. While you can schedule a preventative maintenance check during any season, spring and fall are particularly convenient times to do so, since they fall before the most challenging plumbing seasons.


For more spring maintenance tips or to schedule a complete System Check and Safety Inspection for your home’s plumbing, call our professional H20 Maestro Plumbers at 859-361-7925.