Commercial Gas Line Services in Lexington

Looking for a professional plumber in Lexington experienced in gas lines? H2O Maestro has been the trusted name in gas line repairs and replacements in the Lexington area. Our experts also install new gas lines on new commercial building projects.

Professionally Licensed Gas Line Repair Services

Our licensed plumbers have experience with gas line repairs on commercial and industrial buildings. The gas line that runs from the gas meter to your commercial or industrial building is the responsibility of the property owner or developer, if located in an industrial park area.

Commercial & Industrial Gas Line Replacement

Replacing a gas line in a commercial or industrial building is a job for a professionally licensed plumber. H2O Maestro has licensed plumbers who are experienced in commercial gas lines. When the time comes to replace gas lines, give our staff a call and set up gas line replacement services in the Lexington area.

Our professional plumbers can also hook-up any of the gas appliances needed in your building. H2O offers a reliable warranty on the work that we do so you can feel confident in the gas line services we provide.

What to do if a gas line is leaking?

If you suspect you have a gas line leaking, it’s pertinent to evacuate your building and then notify the gas company. While natural gas is odorless, the local gas company adds a sulfuric odor to the natural gas to help people identify when there is a leak. Don’t delay if that smell is present, evacuate the building and then call the gas company from outside the building.

The gas company will temporarily stop the gas service, assess the situation and inspect the gas lines, then notify the owner of what the issue is and what next steps need to be taken.

When the repair is able to be done, give our licensed plumbers a call 24/7. There are many factors that can result in a gas leak or any other issues related to gas lines. This could be related to the age of the system or line, issues related to the installation, wear and tear of the gas pipes or overall pressure issues in the pipes. Our plumbers will assess the repair and have your service up and running in a timely and professional manner.

Contact us today to learn more about commercial gas lines repair and replacement in the Lexington area.