Commercial Water Heater & Industrial Boiler Services in Lexington

Commercial buildings that use water heaters and boilers need expert plumbers who are experienced in these types of systems. The licensed plumbers at H2O Maestro are licensed plumbers with experience on these types of commercial systems. We understand the complexity of these systems and the urgency of getting them up and running.

Commercial Water Heater & Boiler Installation & Replacement

If the time has come to install a new water heater or boiler in your commercial building, our staff is ready to help. This is no task for a plumber who is not experienced in these complex systems. Trust our licensed plumbers to help determine the best system to meet your needs and ensure that your system gets installed properly. We proudly carry all the top brands of commercial water heaters and boilers, including Bradford White, Rheem and A.O. Smith. We also keep an inventory of quality industrial water heaters and boilers in-stock and typically carry them on our trucks. We have a unit to fit any capacity requirements, even for large commercial or industrial applications.

Commercial Water Heater & Boiler Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your commercial water heater or boiler is key to extending the life of your system, and helps to prevent some repair issues before they become an emergency repair issue. Call and schedule your commercial water heater or boiler maintenance today and speak with our staff about regular maintenance schedules.

Water Heater & Industrial Boiler Repairs

Due to the nature of a commercial water heater or boiler, there are times when the system can need repairs. These systems are so complex and provide service to large buildings or complexes and with the amount of use they get, there are repairs that could need to be made. If these repairs are ones that plumbers see while doing regular maintenance, we will either fix the issue then or schedule a time for further repair services based on the situation.

Emergency Water Heater & Boiler Repairs

Our staff understands that your water heater or boiler system in your commercial building is pertinent to keeping your business running. That is why our licensed plumbers are available 24/7 in the even that an emergency repair is needed. Give us a call at any time day or night, weekends and holidays. We will send someone out within hours of your request and minimize any downtime that you could incur from an emergency water heater or boiler repair issue.

Whether your commercial building needs an emergency water heater or boiler repair, or a planned installation of a new unit, we can meet even the most complex hot water system’s needs. We are trained and familiar with all the most common issues when installing or repairing commercial water heating systems.